Monday, 27 April 2009

Sophie Scholl - The Final Days (2005). "Decency, Morals, God"

Last night I watched Sophie Scholl - The Final Days, and would encourage you to watch at least part of the film, this fascinating clip below.

Sophie Scholl and her brother have been arrested for their involvement in the White Rose movement, distributing leaflets criticising the Nazi regime and Hitler. After thorough interrogation their guilt is proven, and here (2mins 3os in) we see a conversation between Scholl and Investigator Mohr, who treats her in this as intellectual equal, dealing with issues of morality, conscience and God.

The White Rose movement holds high significance, showing clearly that there was opposition to the Nazis from within Germany, thought painfully highlighting its infrequency and lack of strength.

I was in Cologne a few years ago where the actions of the White Rose movement are now celebrated annually.

Article on Sophie Scholl from the Catholic Herald can be found here


Rabelais said...

I recorded this on the Sky+ and then the hard drive died and I lost it. I'm going to the DVD.

Edelweiss Pirates/Edelweißpiraten (2004) is another interesting film about the era. The Pirates were a collection of young German's who engaged the Nazis in street battles. Edelweißpiraten has a documentary feel about and makes you feel like you've been taken right into the heart of the struggle. I saw it last year in at a university in England where it was shown as part of Holocaust Remembrance Week (Why doesn't UU do commemorations like that?) It inspired a really interesting debate after the film about the period and the representation of history on film. There's a link to a sight that reviews both Sophie Scholl and Edelweißpiraten below.

bertmart said...

Appreciate that Rabelais. I've put that film on the list to watch.