Monday, 27 April 2009

Scrap the Scrap money

£2,000 for a 1965 Morris Minor which hasn't been roadworthy for decades? Scrap it

The decision by Alistair Darling to introduce a car scrappage scheme whereby you can trade in your old car for £2,000 off a new one is a ludicrous one.

As an article in today's Times shows, loopholes are rife. The scheme would allow me to trade in the Renault 9 GT Turbo I bought on Ebay for £42*, providing I had a SORN (statutory off road notification) and receive £2,000 off a brand new car. I'm interested to see what this will do to the second hand car market, as opportunistic sellers realise they can finally get rid of the disused cars sitting about their yard to equally opportunistic buyers for a decent price. Even if you overpaid and bought my Renault 9 off me for £200, you'd still be on course to save £1,800, providing you were planning on buying a new car in the first place.

The scheme undoubtedly benefits the car industry, sure, but why prop up an industry that is fuelling (see what I did there) increased carbon levels? Why not follow Obama - a leader who recognises that renewable energy, and the manufacturing of hybrid cars will create jobs and boost a flailing economy - and promote 'green' cars, and use this scheme in accordance with this?

It's Economy over Environment once more, and ignorant of the huge potential for both to compliment each other

*Incidentally, I don't have this car anymore, having sold it - ironically - for scrap, netting £90

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