Thursday, 5 March 2009 - Exposing UU?

As a dissatisfied student at the University of Ulster, I'm out to bash it, so the statistics I've selected below are completely to back up my point of view. However, for those of you who want to investigate for yourself, a full range can be found at I have compared results with Queens and Stirling (it lets you compare any three universities in one sitting)

- 7% of UU graduates, 6 months after graduation, are sales assistants or retail cashiers. 5% are assumed to be unemployed. 3 years well spent, won't you agree? For History graduates at UU, one in five will work in sales/retail.

- 70% of UU students get employment with a job related to their degree. At Queens this is 81%

- Only 25% of History students go into a graduate job, that is a job related to the degree they studied. For history graduates at Queens, this is 30%, Aberdeen 40%, Birmingham 51%

-14% of UU students leave with no award. Significantly higher than at Queens where this is 4%, Stirling 5%

- As many as 76% find their course at UU intellectually stimulating. Queens 86%, Stirling 84%


Anonymous said...

You can use statistics to make people believe anything. 87% of people know that...

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