Thursday, 1 January 2009

2009. A Year of Choices

I'm not one for New Years resolutions. Gym membership in the month of January will swell, cigarette sales will decline, sales of Dieting books will increase. And yet come February we'll be back to driving to the shop with gout to get our smokes. I'm not defeatist, just a realist. And so when Thom tries to encourage me to run the marathon with him, I think about it seriously for a while, and then come to the conclusion that it just won't happen. His optimism remains though, and I sinisterly look forward to around March, early April when he concedes he won't be doing it as we sit in the Harbour cafe eating a fry.

Yet, what does 2009 hold for me? As I went for a dander last night at the convenient time of 11.55pm, I thought about this, and about what 2008 was for me.

I think the past year was defined by leadership. Learning to put in to practice some of the skills that I have picked up over time and thoroughly enjoying that. Learning about leadership as I go, what it looks like, dealing with people, being vulnerable and open, serving.

This next year I feel may be future defining. Ultimately what I do come June or September could shape my future steps. If I take the option of a TESOL (Teaching English to Students of Other Languages) then that looks down the road of living abroad, and using that to make a living whilst enjoying the culture of another country. If I take the option of working up here, then that may further entrench me in the local community, setting out a potential path of life on the North Coast. If I strap on a pair, and run for the Student Elections as I threaten to, then that might give me more of a taste of leadership, and who knows where that could end up.

Ultimately though, things could define my future that I can't forsee. If I get run over and lose the use of my legs, that shapes my future in an altogether different way. If I meet a girl who I fall hopelessly in love with, but who just happens to be on a one year sabbatical from her job as an oil rig driller somewhere in the middle of the Pacific, that may affect my future.

There is a balance. I have plans. God has plans. It's not about compromise, it's about honouring and serving God. Yet I can and should honour him will 'all my mind', using this wonderful brain that he has given me to reason out my future, to see where my desires lie and to go follow God there.

I'd love to live on the continent.
I'd love to be a journalist
I'd love to be a politician of sorts.

All three are never going to happen. Living on the continent completely forsakes the option of being involved in a sphere of influence in a place where you aren't immersed in the history and culture, let alone speak the language to any degree of fluency. So I have to choose.

I thank God for choice. Over the course of 2009, I get to make alot of choices. Sometimes it will be easy, between what is bad and what is good. Sometimes it will be difficult, discerning what is good from what is of God. And sometimes it will be pure lethal, trying to work out what to do when God gives me a few options and promises that whichever one I choose, he'll go with me and won't leave me.


What? said...

Go for the student elections...I'll vote for you.
that would be sweet.
I think you could actually make a difference.

I said...

The best thing about choices like this is that actually sometimes they'll work alongside each other in a way that you really never expected. Sometimes, they'll become prominent at different times. Sometimes the desire will only ever be fleeting, or never quite make it into reality. But always our dreams cause us to keep living in hope.

Hope - what would life be without dreams and the hope of someday seeing them come true?

Just hope... then enjoy seeing how it all works out.